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Is it time to appeal property taxes?

My friend Bob Fiscella shared this great info:

By now you should have received the assessment for your 2014 property taxes.  DeKalb County has come up with some outrageous valuations, so it may well be worth your time to appeal.

The deadline for appealing DeKalb taxes is Monday.   Go to Appeal Process and download the form, which must be postmarked by July 14.   If you need comparables for your property, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Fulton, Gwinnett and Cobb tax assessments seem to be more in line with sales prices.   Nonetheless, you may wish to appeal.   Click on the appropriate link to find out how to start the process:


Fulton County       Gwinnett County       Cobb County 


The real estate market in the greater Atlanta area remains strong, with pricing steadily climbing and interest rates remaining at near historic lows.   If you or someone you know is considering a move, please contact me – 

Tom Sheeran



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