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Cool Tech Tool for Video! Web-based Screen Casting Made Easy

Screenr Logo Sometimes the fastest way to explain a task or situation is to show someone what’s on your screen. This is easy when the person is in the office with you, but what if they’re across the country?

Why not record what you see on your screen and share the video? Well, sure. There are lots of screen capture options on the market, but even the best are somewhat clunky to use. Ever used it before? No? Well, spend an hour learning it. Shoot the video, edit the video, then you have to upload the massive file to YouTube or some other video sharing platform.

Is there a better way? Yes.

If you’ve ever wanted a down-and-dirty way to quickly show someone a screencast, try, a free screen capture video service that works right in your browser. Rapidly put together training videos, walk through a document, or share a brief presentation in just minutes… plus you can embed the video right on your blog. requires no software installation, works on Mac and PC, and it plays everywhere (even on iPhones!).

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