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What is the best day to list your home?

Is There a Best Day to List a Home? An interesting report by online brokerage, Redfin, proposes that the day you list your home may just have an impact on how well your home sells. From the post on Redfin’s website:

“Since you only get one chance to make a first impression with your listing, we decided to dig into our data to find out whether putting your home on the market on a certain day of the week is correlated with sales success. We pulled the data on over a million listings spread throughout the nation over the last twenty-one months, and here’s what we found:

Homes listed on Sunday get marginally more online views.
Homes listed on Friday are toured 19% more.
Homes listed on Friday or Thursday sell for slightly closer to original list price.
Homes listed on Friday are 12% more likely to sell in 90 days.”
The “Friday sweet spot” Redfin proposes is connected to the idea that since Saturday and Sunday have 2.5 times as many tours per day than Monday to Friday, homes listed on Fridays are the freshest in buyers’ minds.


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